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if we approached the climate crisis...



Hi. I'm Casey.
I believe positive change happens when we envision a future worth running towards, rather than dwelling on a future we want to run away from. Therefore, in all that I do I seek to reimagine and build thriving communities, where all have the opportunity for a life well lived, even in the face of the climate emergency and other major disruptions.
Climate change discussions tend to use the "doom and gloom" which leaves people feeling miserable, disempowered and unsure of what they can do. To be sure, the situation is dire, yet scaring the pants off of people has yet to lead to the results we need. I choose to take a more playful path to climate action and helping others do the same.
We play our way to understanding.
-Bernie DeKoven
If you're interested in exploring a more playful approach to engaging with the climate emergency, I invite you to subscribe to my blog or contact me directly.

What does a different approach to climate change feel like? 

It's playful.

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