I never intended to be in the sustainability field, but research I was conducting about how we teach youth about climate change. While the research generated some interest, it also changed the course of my professional career. Through it, I came to believe that the climate emergency impacts every aspect of health and well-being on the planet and therefore we all have a role in this story.

Regardless of the roles I've held since, whether it's dad, teacher, researcher, cross-sector convener or ISSP-SA certified director of sustainability and reslience, I work to empower others to reimagine their connection to life on Earth  so that together we can build a cleaner, safer, healthier, more vibrant world where all can thrive.

Professionally and personally, I'm driven by deep curiosity, a spirit of playfulness and an ever-growing sense of connection and gratitude to all the inhabitants on this this wondrous blue dot.

Credit: Peter Thomson  | La Crosse Tribune

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