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I've been knowingly involved in sustainability work for 10 years now, though initially I never intended to go down this path.

I say "knowingly" because I believe, to riff on environmental education giant David Orr's line, "All work is sustainability work." Whether we are conscious of it or not, everything we choose to do impacts life's ability to thrive --or not-- on planet Earth.


After teaching high school for a number of years, I had questions about how we could better engage students via place- and community-based education so I went back to grad school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Long story short, I ended up studying how schools teach  students about climate change and what to do about it

It broke my heart.

The culmination of my research coincided with the arrival of my first kid and I realized that helping the world respond to the climate crisis was what I needed to be doing. 


After a stint as a faculty member at a college on the East coast, I returned with my family to Wisconsin, our roots. 


As the sustainability manager at Western Technical College, a public two-year institution in La Crosse, Wisconsin, recognized nationally for its commitment to sustainability, I work across the college to align our vision of sustainability with our teaching and daily operations. 


I also help lead the efforts of the Sustainability Institute, a 501c3 with a mission of working with businesses, government and the community to forward sustainability efforts via leadership, coordination and education. 

A proud Wisconsinite, I'm on a mission to make sense of what climate change means for our communities in the upper Midwest and beyond, inspire others to take part in the conversation in their own way, and elevate the creative responses that emerge. (For more on this, be sure to visit my blog, WIStainability.)

PhD - Curriculum and Instruction (Climate Change Education), University of Wisconsin-Madison
ISSP-SA - International Society of Sustainability Professionals - Sustainability Associate Certification


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