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It's playful.

How does a different way of approaching the climate crisis feel and sound?

Published writing

What’s happening here and what should we do about it? Using inquiry to understand and respond to global climate change. In Teaching Environmental Issues in Social Studies. (In press)

Op-Ed: What if our wetlands went on strike?  In the La Crosse Tribune (September 17, 2019)

How have textbooks portrayed climate change?  (with B. Levy & L. Collet-Gildard)  In The Conversation (2018) 


Global climate change in U.S. high school curricula: Portrayals of the causes, consequences, and potential responses  (with B. Levy & L. Collet-Gildard) In Science Education v. 102 (2018)

      *Recognized by Wiley Publishing as one of the most downloaded peer-read articles in 2018

Op-Ed: Are Wisconsin winters a thing of the past?  In the La Crosse Tribune (January 10, 2016)

Op-Ed: Stop debating climate change and start acting  In the La Crosse Tribune (June 29, 2015)


Ahoy, mateys! Here thar be global wARRRGGHHHming!

These tiny pirate boats feature climatologist Ed Hawkins' warming stripes on their sails. Feel free to take this boat and launch it in your sink, birdbath or other local micro body of water today! Directions for making your own warming stripes pirate boat coming soon.


If you find a pirate boat (or even if you haven't!), please enter your response to the climate question on the back of the sail.


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